Distance Master of Divinity

Program Overview

Students in the Houston area can earn their RTS Master of Divinity degree by enrolling in the Orlando campus’s Distance Master of Divinity program.  Under this plan, students can earn their M.Div. in as few as five years, completing 39 hours at the Orlando campus and the remaining 67 hours through the Houston or Distance Education campuses. Because the Orlando courses are offered in hybrid format, students can complete the 39 required hours with only six one-week trips to the Orlando campus: one week in January and one week in July over three years.

Degree Requirements

Orlando Campus - The following courses should be taken through the Orlando campus (39 hours):

Course Credits Course Credits
Isaiah-Malachi 3 Communication I 2
ST: Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology 3 Communication II 2
ST: Ecclesiology and Sacraments 2 Preaching Lab A 1
History of Christianity I 3 Preaching Lab B 2
History of Christianity II 3 Theology of Ministry I 2
Genesis – Joshua 3 Missions 3
Poets 2 Pastoral Counseling 3
Acts – Romans 2 Mentoring 1
Pauline Epistles 2 Classics of Personal Devotion  1 
Church Polity      
Orlando Course Schedule

Please visit the upcoming classes page to view all upcoming courses at the Orlando campus.

Houston Campus or RTS Distance Education – The following courses may be taken either at the Houston campus or through RTS Distance Education (67 hours):

Course Credits Course Credits
Intro to Pastoral & Theological Studies* 3 Hebrew I* 3
Covenant Theology* 2 Hebrew II* 3
History of Philosophy & Christian Thought* 3 Hebrew Exegesis* 2
Apologetics* 2 Worship* 2
Pastoral and Social Ethics* 3 Evangelism 2
Judges – Esther* 2 Christian Encounter with Islam 2
ST: Scripture, Theology, Anthropology*3 Educational Ministry of the Church 2
Gospels* 3 Theology of Ministry II     2
Hebrews – Revelation* 3 Advanced Biblical Exegesis*    3
Greek I* 3 Electives3
Greek II* 3
Greek Exegesis* 2

*Courses offered on regular rotation at the Houston Campus.

Houston Course Schedule

Please visit the upcoming classes page to view all upcoming courses at the Houston campus.


For more information, please visit www.rts.edu/hybrid or contact Matt Stahl at mstahl@rts.edu.

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